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Zen + Min SDE

We all have been part of wedding celebrations for a good few years now. I’ve been asked on more than a few occasions this question, ‘After being part of so many weddings, aren’t you bored of it?’

Sure there are days of why-am-I-waking-at-4am-for-this moments, but usually when I get to the bride’s place I am always surprised how easy it is for me to hit the ground going. Being around people who are excited about something so early in the morning can be contagious as well. I am happy when people are happy.

Another way I try to shake things up is to challenge and keep things interesting for myself. For Zen + Min’s ring shot, I had the luxury of having the rings to myself for a while and finally managed to come up with something rather than the usual static ring shots so look out for it in the video. Apart from that, they also threw me a challenge: We are having our parents marching in with us, will you be able to put the first march-in into the Same Day Edit?

Challenge accepted!


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Will + Persis | A Story

Finding the right concept for each couple has always been a fun challenge for me.

During my very first meeting with Will and Persis, we chatted for about two hours. Somewhere in the middle of that, ALL I could think of in my head was how I wish I was already recording our conversation. I knew right there and then that they’ll be the perfect fit for this pre-wedding concept.

No matter! Now that I know them better, I could actually bring my idea to the next level and craft out their story on a deeper level.

On our second meeting (this time I have my recorder ready), I got them to bring along an item that they think best represents their relationship and the purple shirt you see them holding was the shirt of the camp they first met at.

During the third meeting we talked more and by now…have accumulated about 3 hours worth of audio material — much more than I ever dreamt of having!

With the help from Will and Persis and their unwavering patience throughout, together we present you with fondness the fruit of our careful collaboration: Will + Persis | A Story

I always enjoyed the time spent working on something when couples actually care about the piece as much as I do. At the same time, being open to explore ideas together and not dictating fixed ways to go about doing something.

Here it is..! We hope you enjoy it as much as the time we put in to make this piece :)

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Calvin + Grace SDE (Kath)

I’m smiling! All the way while I was editing this! Thanks to the infectious enthusiasm of the groomsmen and the bridesmaids’ creative games, they really made the whole morning full of laughter for friends and families present. You can tell everyone came ready to have fun!

Watching Calvin and Grace finally tied the knot officially makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, I’m so glad they chose me to be part of their special day :)


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Chuan Teck + Yen Hoong SDE (Kath)

With so many things going on, Actual Day weddings almost never allow me 1-2 hours of free time where I get to enjoy a venue and take my surroundings in. Usually I have to focus on people instead. When I do, however, and with a little bit of luck it turns out pretty well!

Chuan Teck and Yen Hoong made their promise to spend the rest of their lives at Gardens By The Bay on a lovely February evening in front of close friends and relatives. The night was jovial, the food was great and live music amazing. I had a great time just being there with the couple and their friends for a night to remember :)

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Jerald + Debra SDE (Mel)

Jerald + Debra SDE (Mel)

“Looking for The Right One, versus Becoming The Right One” -melz

A lot of times, in relationships we are expecting returns or changes by the other party, but the Bible clearly tells us what unconditional love is all about.

In marriage, it is all about how much you love and want to give without expecting returns.

May God continue to watch over your marriage and bring a lot of blessings upon you guys! -mel

Melvin Cho

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