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Jon + Jean SDE

An un-un-un-un-un-believable video!

I noted to Jon, ‘The broccoli looks really fresh!’ ‘Yes, we bought all of them last night from the market!’ The groomsmen certainly brought a lot of laughter and attention with their effort! Is it a good thing I thought a few of them looks good in that get up?

That night at the hotel banquet I actually cannot recognise them without their blonde wigs on! We hope this video will as much laughter and fun to you watching as everyone had on that day!


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Kenneth + Shu Ping | A Conversation

Following Renatus, chances are that like us you care about stories behind two people and what makes them click despite how different a couple may be. With this in mind, Kenneth and Shu Ping’s pre-wedding video gave their friends and family a good inside look to their relationship.

I spent some time getting to know them, even attending their wedding dance rehearsal among others. Through their willingness to share their stories and experiences with Kelvin and I, it allowed me to narrow down and choose the type of questions I want to ask them for this concept. Deciding the questions and which part of their answers to include is an important process. I had to sift through almost 2 hours of content! It was hard to eliminate anything because every piece of information has been so insightful or funny or honest. Keeping in mind the kind of story we would like to shape, we finally came to this where it sheds light on their chemistry and different personalities to their guests on the wedding day.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we had making them!


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Wee Keat + Sin Hui-0
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Wee Keat + Sin Hui DW

Though we always love to visit places of significance for pre wedding photography, we concede different couples have different personalities and would want to do things differently from our style of work. Having said that, we love it when couples tell us that they want to go abroad to have their photos taken!

Shooting destination weddings are great adventures for us as we look forward to exploring places we’ve never been before. We take pride in coming up with photos that are uniquely framed or executed. At the back of our heads, the sense of satisfaction when we edit our photos drives us to do better all the time.

Scouting of locations, photographing and editing are all important parts of my work but above all, I always want the couples I photograph to have fun and enjoy the process on the day of the shoot. It’s just so much easier for me when they’re in a world of their own!

This set of photos is a collective effort from all that were involved. It wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have an awesome relationship with each other during the few days we were together. Looking at the photos from time to time makes me happy. I hope you can feel my happiness too :-)

Photography by Kelvin Low
Assisted by Kathleen Cheong
Make Up + Hair Styling by Dea Hadfield

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Andrew + Wanling | A Lego Story

You know how I always talk about wanting to try out new things in my work and to always want to have more collaborations than me just churning out videos after videos like a soul-less factory? Well, here is another great example of me doing that!

When Wanling came to me she, was looking at the possibility of having a Lego stop motion story. Mostly also because the video is meant to be a surprise for Andrew (so we cannot involve him in the shoot) and that Wanling has a collection of Lego sitting nicely waiting to be played with.

So with the extra sets she borrowed from some friends, both of us set to work — together.

Boy I would be lying if I said this was an easy job. I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous getting started on it. Wanling and I spent hours just working on one scene and we had quite a few in the video! I shot some scenes alone as well and I can tell you it is helluva back-breaking job requiring tons of patience and concentration. So with at least 10hrs of stop-motion making, I sure learnt a lot of the Do’s and Don’ts during this process.

And then there’s the post-production. I have to make sure I have enough frames just for one action/angle during production or I got to go back to the boards and make more (and trust me, you don’t want that).

This was new territory for both of us. I had done stop-motion before, but not to this level! So I am appreciative how Wanling was equally as excited to help me out with this video as I was to get a chance to try something new. And for that I am grateful. It also felt like we had achieved something together, making this video as much as it is my work as it is hers.

And that is why this is one of my more treasured works.


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Kelvin + Wendy 000
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Kelvin + Wendy DW

I’ve always wanted to visit Prague after seeing photos from there. I thought, why not visit Prague for my honeymoon! As a wedding photographer, I couldn’t resist having some fun taking pictures of my wife and I in this beautiful place with the outfit we had on our wedding day.

We love the medieval looking architectures in that place. We later found out that the astronomical clock in Old Town Square was the 3rd oldest and the oldest astronomical clock that’s still working.

The people we see in Prague were cordial and friendly. Many offered help when they saw me running to and fro from my camera to my wife. Amusingly, while I was fiddling with camera settings in front of the clock, a gentlemen knelt down in front of my wife and asked for her hand! I can’t help but walk over to say, “Sorry man, the girl is mine!”

Cesky Krumlov was another place we visited for our photos. It’s one of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Situated on the banks of the Vltava river, the town was built around a 13th-century castle with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. We loved how the place was restored and preserved over the years. It has a lot of romanticism to it.

Bearing in mind that it’s our honeymoon, we kept to only a couple of hours on 2 mornings for photography with our suit and gown in Prague and Cesky Krumlov respectively. The cool morning breeze and beautiful light from the warm sun created perfect environments for photography.

Besides these 2 places, we visited Vienna and Budapest too but decided to enjoy ourselves in other aspects like experiencing a performance at The Golden Hall by the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, visiting the world’s oldest zoo Tiergarten Schönbrunn, and submerging ourselves into the pools of Gellért Spa in Budapest.

After close to 2 weeks of Eastern Europe romance, we reluctantly headed back to Singapore with a whole lot of loving memories. We visited these places in the summer and were contemplating visiting again in winter a few years later! Maybe I’ll get to photograph a couple there soon. Who knows? :-)

Photography by Kelvin Low
iPhone: +65 9632 1456

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AD Film Cinematography

Zen + Min SDE

We all have been part of wedding celebrations for a good few years now. I’ve been asked on more than a few occasions this question, ‘After being part of so many weddings, aren’t you bored of it?’

Sure there are days of why-am-I-waking-at-4am-for-this moments, but usually when I get to the bride’s place I am always surprised how easy it is for me to hit the ground going. Being around people who are excited about something so early in the morning can be contagious as well. I am happy when people are happy.

Another way I try to shake things up is to challenge and keep things interesting for myself. For Zen + Min’s ring shot, I had the luxury of having the rings to myself for a while and finally managed to come up with something rather than the usual static ring shots so look out for it in the video. Apart from that, they also threw me a challenge: We are having our parents marching in with us, will you be able to put the first march-in into the Same Day Edit?

Challenge accepted!


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Kai Hong + Kriselle-000
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Kai Hong + Kriselle AD

In our discussion, Kriselle mentioned she would love to go to Chinese Garden for some photos on their actual day wedding as that was where her parents and sister went for their wedding photos! It almost didn’t happen due to time constrain but I was glad it did as I’ve spent time scouting the location prior to their wedding.

Many may cringe at the mention of gate crashing on weddings but I believe when the games are done in the name of fun and filled with meaning, it can really be enjoyable for everyone involved! Kai Hong and his groomsmen were a gunho bunch and did all that were required of them with zest. I couldn’t stop laughing when they had to reenact scenes where the couple 1st held hands, 1st kissed and how Kai Hong proposed. The best parts were how the groomsmen took turns to speak in their falsetto voices when they were playing Kriselle’s role!

This was a wedding where I thoroughly enjoyed photographing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do as you look through the pictures :-)

Photography by Kelvin Low
iPhone: +65 9632 1456

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Ralph + Regina-Featured
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Ralph + Regina PW

Prior to the shoot, I scouted locations where Ralph + Regina dated each other. It’s always a lot of fun to do so because I’ll start dreaming of how to place and pose them in frames. The couple loves nature and we were very blessed to have beautiful light on both sunrise and sunset on the same day. When we met to look through the photos, they were very pleased and so was I! :D

Photography by Kelvin Low
iPhone: +65 9632 1456

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Will + Persis | A Story

Finding the right concept for each couple has always been a fun challenge for me.

During my very first meeting with Will and Persis, we chatted for about two hours. Somewhere in the middle of that, ALL I could think of in my head was how I wish I was already recording our conversation. I knew right there and then that they’ll be the perfect fit for this pre-wedding concept.

No matter! Now that I know them better, I could actually bring my idea to the next level and craft out their story on a deeper level.

On our second meeting (this time I have my recorder ready), I got them to bring along an item that they think best represents their relationship and the purple shirt you see them holding was the shirt of the camp they first met at.

During the third meeting we talked more and by now…have accumulated about 3 hours worth of audio material — much more than I ever dreamt of having!

With the help from Will and Persis and their unwavering patience throughout, together we present you with fondness the fruit of our careful collaboration: Will + Persis | A Story

I always enjoyed the time spent working on something when couples actually care about the piece as much as I do. At the same time, being open to explore ideas together and not dictating fixed ways to go about doing something.

Here it is..! We hope you enjoy it as much as the time we put in to make this piece :)

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